by Courtney Childers
ALL Ways Healthy

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The History of All Ways Healthy

Carole Childers C.N. L.D.N. founded All Ways Healthy in 1989 as a way to reach out to a community of people looking to improve their health through alternative methods. When Carol’s children were young they were both very ill. When conventional medicine didn’t seem to help, Carole turned to alternative therapies. Both of her daughters responded very well but Carole found it took months of research and trips to many different places to get the help she needed. She made a promise to herself that when her daughters were healthy she would do something to help other people struggling to find health in their lives. Carole decided opening a natural food store would be the best way to do that. All Ways Healthy has become a guiding resource in the community for people seeking to improve their health.

All Ways Healthy is more than a retail store it is a place where you can find a network of people who can help you achieve your best health. Throughout the past twenty years Carole has been building a portfolio of community resources to connect people in the health community which she shares lovingly.

Our Philosophy

All Ways Healthy is dedicated to making our customer’s shopping experience happy, convenient, and comfortable. We rotate our products regularly to ensure freshness, and group items by a dietary lifestyle so that you can find what you need quickly.

In addition, our knowledgeable staff and our owner, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist Carole Childers, are always on hand to answer questions and help you develop a nutritional strategy that works for you.

Your health is our primary concern. We are aware of the allergies and chemical sensitivities some our customers may have. In recognition of this, our professional cleaning crew cleans the store using natural cleaning products.

The Staff

The staff at All Ways Healthy are happy, friendly and knowledgeable individuals with a passion for health and natural living.

Our employees are educated about the vendors and products chosen to be on our shelves, as well as the importance of customer care. Whether you are seeking information about a special diet or are simply trying to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle, you can be sure that any employee you come in contact with on our staff will treat you with kindness and genuine care.